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Though we're now thousands of miles apart, Dean makes damn sure I don't feel alone. Together, we fight not just to heal...but also heat things back up. Way up. Everyone who assumes things are cooling off for this married couple is clearly underestimating my husband.

The man is more intense than ever.

I can't get enough of it.

But just as things get impossibly hotter between us, Dean's crazed student returns with her malicious father to use me as a weapon against my own husband. And while I know nothing will stop Dean from rushing back home to keep me safe—he's already proven he'll go to hell and back for me—I won't let him do it again.

This one's my fight.

"This journey with Liv and Dean has been nothing short of amazing...deep, all-consuming, and beautiful. Love is limitless. Love is powerful. Love never fails."

--Biblio Belles

"I fell in love with Dean's fierce protective and possessive nature. I fell in love with Liv's gentle, kind heart, and most of all, I fell in love with how they fell in love with each other, completely and irrevocably all over again." 

--Forever Me Romance




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“This is one of those gems, one of those special stories that will forever capture your heart and touch your soul.” —TotallyBookedBlog

“This is the kind of book that raises the bar. This is the kind of book that ruins me for all others….because, after a book this beautiful, how can anything compare?” —Aestas Book Blog

“Nina Lane has written a series that will captivate and awaken your mind to the possibilities of true love, soul-mates, and a love everlasting.” —Sandy, The Reading Café

“Awaken is the perfect ending to a fantastic series!” —Maria, reviewer with Literati Book Reviews

“Nina Lane is an extraordinary writer and with her words she will take you on a remarkable journey of a perfect love with two amazing, imperfect characters.” —Nancy's Romance Reads

“This right here is how it’s done. It was perfect! I fell in love all over again and when I turned that last page I cried for everything we have experienced over the three books, through Liv and Dean’s journey. It was truly magical.” —Gitte, TotallyBookedBlog

“Nothing is more beautiful then reading about a married couple so deeply in love and dedicated to each other.” —Alexis, Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost

“I can’t even put into words how much I absolutely and unequivocally adore this series…. Books like this are the reason I love reading.” —Miss Construed Reviews


I crawl under the covers and fall asleep, waking only when Dean climbs in next to me a few hours later. I tuck myself against his side. After so much time away from my husband, just sleeping beside his strong body is arousing. My subconscious soon spins and twirls with a resurgence of hot dreams, mostly involving Dean in the guise of a sexy warrior intent upon ravishing me.

   Heat slides through my body. I shift, imagining him all rough and commanding, fondling my breasts, his cock hard. I dream of straddling his thigh and writhing against him. In the fog of sleep, I hear myself moaning, feel his fingers rubbing my damp cleft, his breath on my neck. And though reality with my husband is always better than my dreams, I wake all warm and loose, even a little sweaty.

   Leaving Dean to sleep, I take a shower and wrap myself in one of the fluffy hotel bathrobes before grabbing my brush and going back out to stand in front of the mirror over the dresser.

   “What were you dreaming about?”

   My brush tangles in my wet hair. I yank it out and turn to stare at Dean. He’s lounging on the bed wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms and a rather smug expression.

   I frown. “What do you mean?”

   “You were having a major sex dream last night.”

   Oh, lord. The images flood back into my mind, pornographic and vivid. I clear my throat.

   “I was not.”

   “Uh huh.” He grins. “You were moaning and everything. Very lusty.”

   A blush heats my face. “I was not.”

   “Yeah, you were. Got me all hot too.”

   As much as I don’t want to admit to actually acting on a sex dream, it would certainly explain why I woke up feeling really good.

   “So what were you dreaming about?” Dean asks again.

   I turn back to the mirror and continue dragging the brush through my hair. I can still see him in the mirror, watching me with that cat-ate-the-cream look.

   “Stop it,” I mutter.

   “Don’t you want to know what else you did?”

   “I didn’t do anything.”    

   “Oh, you did something. You rode my thigh, then spread your legs so I could finger your pussy.”

   “Dean!” I turn to face him again, my pulse leaping. “Did I really do that?”

   “Uh huh.”

   “You are such a liar.”

   His grin widens. I stride toward the bathroom. As I pass him, he bolts upright and reaches to grab me around the waist. With a shriek, I tumble onto the bed. He moves over me and straddles my thighs, locking his hands around my wrists and pinning them to either side of my head.

   The look he’s giving me—teasing but hot—is enough to spike my arousal higher. I buck my hips upward half-heartedly to try and throw him off. His grip on my wrists tightens.

   He leans down to press his lips against mine, his tongue doing a slow sweep of the inside of my mouth. He tastes like mint.

   “What were you dreaming about?” he whispers.

   I’m starting to melt. I try to strengthen my resistance. “None of your business.”

   “Come on, beauty.” He presses kisses along my lower lip. “Were you dreaming about getting fucked in public?”

   I shake my head. His erection is starting to poke against my belly.

   “Or about being with a woman?” he asks.

   That thought makes his cock swell hard.

   I shake my head again.

   He shifts his hips, pushing against me. Since I just got out of the shower, I’m naked beneath my robe. One tug at the belt and he’d be sliding his cock against my bare skin. I draw in a breath. My heart is thumping, especially with him straddling me and looming over me the way he is.

   “So?” he asks. “What was it?”

   I stare at the bulge in his flannel pajama pants. “You.”

   “Yeah?” He’s still rubbing up against me. “What were we doing?”

   A blush begins to creep up my neck. “Um, you know. Having sex.”

   He pauses and eyes me skeptically. “What kind of sex?”

   “Regular… just regular sex.” I try to keep my voice casual, but he’s not buying it.

   Dean sits back on my thighs and continues to look down at me.

   “Your reaction was pretty hot for regular sex,” he says.

   “Well, you did say I was lusty,” I remind him.

   “Which is exactly why I don’t believe you were having a dream about regular sex.”

   He tugs at the knot on my bathrobe belt. I squirm and try to buck him off again. He pulls the knot loose and eases apart the flaps of my robe.

   “Very nice.” He gazes down at my damp skin—though I don’t know if that’s from the shower or if I’m starting to sweat.

   Then he palms my breasts and runs his fingers across my hard nipples. His touch is light, gentle, and delicious. I press my legs together because I’m throbbing.

   “Tell me.” He trails his hand down to my belly button, then lower to brush my mons. “Tell me and I might let you come.”

   Oh, God. I’m helpless against that kind of talk, and he knows it.


   “Uh huh. Where were we in your dream?”

   “Um.” My flush deepens. I twitch under his teasing touch. “On a… a ship.”

   He lifts an eyebrow. “A ship.”

   “Yeah. A… a pirate ship.”

   “A pirate ship.” Dean stares at me before a glint of humor lights in his eyes. “And might I have been a pirate?”

   I skirt my gaze from his and look at the ceiling. “You might have been, uh, the pirate captain.”

   He laughs, but it’s so filled with affection and amusement that I can’t be irritated. He leans down to kiss me again, his tongue stroking the corners of my lips. Desire rushes through me.

   “The pirate captain, huh?” he says. “And what were you?”

   “A captured maiden.”

   “And did I ravish you?”



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